Direct or Online Digital

Traditional Photofinish
If all prints from digital media are ordered: $.40 each

Prints of selected images: $.50 each

Photo Express House offers many options for online 'digital' printing. Need prints? How about a custom calendar? What about a photo mug? Photo Express House supports the wide world of online printing. Please click on the Upload tab to explore all the upload and printing options, along with their specific prices.

35 mm / APS film processing = $2.50/roll + $.31 per print (4x6 or 3.5x5)

panoramic prints = $.80 each

120/220 film process = $4.00/roll + $.50 per print (3.5x5, 4x5 or 4x6) 5x5 prints = $.85 each

Drop in or give us a call for slide, bulk, and enlargement pricing.