Russ Atha
Pepe James Barron
After graduating from the University of Kansas and studying photography at The Kansas City Art Institute Russ moved to Steamboat in 1973. By 1975 he had created Steamboat Hot Shots and had a contract with the Steamboat Ski Area to provide photographic services (Family portraits, group photos for ski clubs, etc.) at the top of the Gondola and "shooting" virtually every NASTAR racer that skiied thru the race course. In 1983 he was able to purchase the Photo Express House, which enabled him to have control over the quality and cost of the photographs that his staff was producing at the ski area. Hot Shots continued to provide photographic services thru the 1996 ski season. Since 1996 Hot Shots has taken a "back seat" to the the Photo Express House, which has continued to provide the highest quality photofinishing services that Steamboat has to offer.
Pepe started working for The Photo Express House in 1999. He came on just in time for the photo industry's transformation from film to digital. This gives him an upper-hand in making needed changes to keep up with customer demand. Pepe is the general manager, which puts him in charge of customer service as well as production and the maintenance of all of our processing and computer equipment. In his spare time, Pepe enjoys taking photos. He also enjoys helping others take better photos themselves.