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We offer the same local FTP upload service that many of our clients have used for years. This upload service is simple and quick for basic orders. Upload a few pictures now, and drop in to pick them up later. For more information, give us a call (970-879-6339) or send an email to

Click Here to go to our quick easy local FTP upload.
With LifePics, you can order digital prints and gifts directly from your computer using any web browser. All of the prints you send through our LifePics site come directly to our lab, where we print them with the same care and quality that you've come to expect from us. You'll also have the option of ordering additional custom gifts such as mugs and t-shirts (please note that these items are not produced at our lab and will be shipped to you directly from the vendor). It's free to open an account at LifePics. From there, you can begin uploading your photos from your computer to your personal storage space on the LifePics server. This allows you to create permanent archives online. Once you organize your photos into albums, you can select the size, quantity and type of prints you want. Your order then is sent to the Photo Express House, where we make your prints. If you have any questions about ordering through LifePics, feel free to email us ( or give us a call (970 879-6339).

LifePics ordering is HERE! Click this link to get started now: